A downloadable experience

This is a gearVR experience. You'll need a GearVR and a printer to play this game. Please print out the screenshots I've uploaded and place them around a dark room. Install the apk, launch and follow the instructions to find solve Chicago's infamous Ravenswood murder.

Using a combination of video passthrough, AR and VR, your gearVR becomes a paranormal investigation tool. Lock on to image targets to trigger content. Find and collect body parts in the afterlife, to help reunite Jane Doe with her long lost Head and wedding ring.

I recommend playing in a dark room.

This was made by me in one sitting over the period of 19 hours for the Spooky Game Jam hosted by Voxelles and the Indie City CO-OP. Sponsored by Microsoft.

Photos are public domain crime scene photos from the French police around the turn of the 20th century.

Scream audio :http://www.freesound.org/people/Ramston/sounds/319...

Ambient Audio : Patrick Lieberkind Dark - Ambience via freesound creative commons 0.

I'll be uploading a mobile build in the very near future for those of you who would like to play, but do not have a gearVR. (You'll simply use the camera on your phone as the investigation tool!)

Built with:


MayaLT 2016


Photoshop CC



Install instructions

gearVR is required to use this application.


SpookyJam.apk 46 MB


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Very neat idea!