A downloadable game

I banged this out in about 22.25 hours in one sitting at the Sppoky Game Jam 2017 in Chicago, Il. It requires a RIFT and the Touch controllers.

The theme for the jam this year was cyberpunk. I envisioned a story where you have been sucked into a PC and have to battle viruses, which take the form of digital looking spiders, and ultimately defeat the out of control Mother Brain. The Mother Brain has been unleashing her viruses in all of the worlds tech in order to take over the minds of humanity. 

Save the humans by destroying the mother brain using the digital axe, digital sword or by picking up and throwing energy cubes, which can be found in various areas of the map. 


Install instructions

Download and extract the zip. Run the .exe

Make sure your rift and touch controllers are connected and working.


ShofeCyberpunk.zip 80 MB